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Guanella Pass Colorado Guanella Pass Road / Georgetown
It is mid january. Leaving Denver in T-Shirt and sandals. It's really warm.
I'm driving approx. 1 hour westwards via I-470 and a snowfree Highway 285  
through the Front Range until Grant.
Then a right turn on Forest Road 381, a mostly unpaved road with washouts,
rocky and potholes. The road is filled with snow and icy.
What a difference. Right after the first curve I have to stop.
A large tree had fallen on the road and needs to be removed.
The next 2 hours I don't see any other human beings.
The road conditions get worse the higher I get and require
the 4-weel-drive setting.
It takes me past alpine lakes, trailheads and recreation areas finally
above timberline.
It is so windy that my GMC Jimmy swings like a ship in heavy sea.
Of course now I wear warm cloth and stabil hiking shoes.
Another steep slope to the pass above 11,000 ft for an eye-popping view
of the west side of Mt. Evans.
Several 13'ers and 14'ers around me: Mt. Evans 14,250 ft, Mt. Bierstadt 14,060 ft. ,
Argentine Peak 13,730 ft. ans Square Top Mtn. 3,800 ft.
Deep winter.
guanella pass colorado diarama
Spectacular scenery and a spectacular storm !
guanella pass colorado diarama
I can't hold the camera still. I get stuck in snow.
Great to have a 4-wheel-drive. Continue driving north-wards down steep
montain slopes towards Georgetown.
clear lake nearby georgetown colorado
(Clear Lake about halfways down)

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