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2016: 21 Years CCIE Bootcamps 31 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

A student: "Well, when asking me, what one can do best for archieving enough know-how and personal strength in order to manage the CCIE-Lab, I would strongly recommend to join Heinz's Boot Camp. You get skilled, you get tough." CCIE #6295

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          " Remote attendance" possible now for CCIE Bootcamps saving lots of expenses!!!
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'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 25215

"I passed lab exam on first attempt after attending Heinz Ulms class, which gave me the necessary knowledge and time managing skills. Thank you very much Heinz!" read more comments click here....


Several payment plans are available

Payment Plan A30:

The full amount will be invoiced immediately and must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date (this is for registrations for classes with a commencing date more than 60 days away)

Payment Plan B60:

The full amount will be invoiced immediately and must be paid within 60 days of the invoice date (this is for registrations for classes with a commencing date more than 90 days away)

Payment Plan C:

Payment in monthly rates/installments.  If class commencing date is more than 60 days away. (i.e. your class start is 7 months away, you pay in 6 monthly rates.) First rate/installment right after registration.
This is for private payers only; not for companies

Last minute registrations

So-called last-minute-registrations (that is for bootcamps commencing within 2 months of your registration) must be paid immediately.

Acceptable forms of payment:

Our preference is a bank wire transfer

however we will also accept personal checks (including credit card advance checks) and company checks provided the check clears no later than 30 days prior to your class start date.

The full invoice amount must be received on our account and by the date mentioned on the invoice. Bank fees or/and transfer charges are on you !

If you intend to send a cheque, it must be mailed to our Admin.Office in Germany.

Heinz Ulm Internetworking
Administration Office
Hochweg 30
86672 Thierhaupten

Creditcard Payment is possible now via Paypal. Please use this paypal account:

Please note that Paypal charges very high fees, which are on you ! Make sure you have the full invoice amount sent us even after Paypal's high fees deducted.

For all plans:

The full amount must be paid by the latest 1 month prior to the class commencing date. If payments don't arrive within the time stated the seat will be given to someone else without prior notice.

If you would like to propose us a different payplan contact us, please.

Cancellation policy (for Plan A30, B60, C)

Cancellations must be in writing. Full refund if cancelled more than 2 months prior to the commencing date. Refund with a charge of 200 Euro if cancelled within 2 and 1 months prior to the commencing day. No refund if cancelled within 1 month prior to the commencing day

No refund on no-shows, or when leaving class early.  NO EXCEPTIONS

Purchase orders ? Read this

How to pay info

"Unlike Caslow or the Brians - Apparently no one has ever completed a single lab of his in 8 hours on the first try, nor have they passed it obviously ..." read more comments click here....

A student: "An excellent experience all around !"


CCIE 6295
CCIE 6295
" Heinz was my trainer for becoming a CCIE. Heinz was the best I could get in order to prepare for Cisco CCIE Lab in Bruxelles. THX to his boot camp, I managed to get the medal in one shot. Without him I feel like it would have taken me alot more effort.
After my certification Heinz and me met occasionally, but whenever we were meeting / talking, we had a good time and I took a little advantage - in busines as well as in life.
I'm glad to know him - lucky you if you also do!          CCIE 6295 (Germany)"
CCIE 6295

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