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"Heinz Ulm is a legend."

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Acceptable forms of payment:

Our preference is a bank transfer

however we will also accept personal checks (including 'credit card advance checks') and company checks (business checks)
provided the check clears no later than 30 days prior to your class start date.

If you intend to send a cheque, it must be mailed to our Admin.Office:

Heinz Ulm Internetworking
Hochweg 30
D-86672 Thierhaupten

The full amount must be received by the date on the invoice.

(Last-minute-registration must be paid immediately)

You are responsible for any bank/transfer charges.

(we will request the difference should not the full invoice amount arrive on our account !)

A quick, but expensive way to pay is via Paypal:

Please use this paypal account:

Creditcard Payment
is possible now via Paypal.

(Paypal charges 4.9 % fees if you pay via credit card. Those fees must be added to the invoice amount,

or we would not receive the full invoice amount. 

Again, we will request the difference should not the full invoice amount  arrive.

Sorry, we do not have a credit card facility !! 



Late Payment Policy
Payments received after the due date noted on your confirmation/invoice are subject to a late fee.

Heinz Ulm Internetworking reserves the right to cancel your seat reservation and make it available to another student if your payment is not received by the due date specified on your confirmation/invoice.  However, if a seat is still available and the late payment fee has arrived on our account in time, we will re-instate your class seat.

The late payment fee is 1.5 % of the total amount due, with a minimum of €100 Euro + VAT *1 

Class Date/Location Change Policy
Class date and/or location change requests are subject to change fee.

Due to the amount of students requesting date and/or location changes, Heinz Ulm Internetworking has been forced to implement a change fee.  All change requests are subject to seat availability and must be finalized no later than 30 days prior to your original class start date.  To be finalized, a new date and/or location must be selected and approved for availability and payment of the applicable change fee must have arrived on our account.

The class change fee is €200 Euro + VAT  *1 .

Substitution Policy
Substitution requests are subject to change fee.

Requests for substitutions will be permitted when both registrants are employed by the same organization, the payment has been made,  the new student meets the class prerequisites and we have received the complete questionaire form (from our download section).

The substitution fee is €200 Euro + VAT  *1 (for classes conducted by our German company)
for each substitution. 

To be finalized the applicable substitution fee must have arrived on our account.
Requests must be made in writing via fax or email by the original registrant .

Refund Policy
Refund requests are subject to refund fee.

Requests for refunds will be honored if cancellations meet the deadlines as on our registration foms. Requests should be sent in writing via fax or email. There will be a service charge for cancellation refunds. 

There are no refunds for no-shows or if you leave the class earlier or if you show up in the class late. NO EXCEPTIONS.

 *1 The VAT in Germany currently is  19 % !

"Heinz Ulm is a legend."

Found in newsgroup "" and "". Nice. Thanks

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