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2018: 23 Years CCIE Bootcamps 33 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

"Student of an US camp:
I enjoyed the mock lab a lot. It gave me a much better idea of how the actual lab would be in terms of stress and timing. Keep up the good work !"

Random CCIEs
          " Remote attendance" possible now for CCIE Bootcamps saving lots of expenses!!!
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A happy
'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 30037


" Hi Professor Heinz, Coming to your boot camp was the dawn of CCIE reality and a big wakeup call for me. Prior to my arrival at your boot camp, I actually deluded myself "in thinking that I was close to being ready for the LAB" I was so wrong, and so far from the truth. With Professor Heinz, I discovered exactly "how LIMITED I was in terms of knowledge and CCIE readiness" and exactly what the CCIE standard was and how distant from it I was at the time (i.e. in another galaxy). Thanks to Professor Heinz, I was able to make the transformation from mere "contender status" to "actual champion" i.e. passing the CCIE Lab. Warning & Advisory Notice, if you are NOT prepared to sacrifice "your life" to pass the CCIE Lab, then my advice would be to just forget it, cause believe me, it DEFINITELY has the potential to be FATAL !!!! "
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Chaz from Dimension Data, UK, CCIE 18917,  with his class mates in the class room, the pool, and dancing with a belly dancer (..yes one must have a little fun too..).

All shown class mates above are CCIEs too: CCIEs 18195, 18482, 18632, 18778

Chaz states in an email to Heinz:
"Thanks for all your help Heinz, you've been a great guy and it's been a pleasure knowing you.  I'm not sure if I could have passed the lab without the knowledge that I gained from your bootcamp. I hope to see you again one day when I come over to Denver to visit my friend Tim.  In the meantime I'm looking for more people to send on your bootcamp."

"My overall impression was quite favorable. He is a humble man who only has one mission and that is to prepare CCIE Candidates to take the CCIE Lab and be prepared to pass it. Apparently he does this well. He will ask you questions. He will engage you. He will ask you to explain yourself, even if you are right, you must still know why... If you consider this painful or torture then it is what it is. However, consider this: his students, time after time, remain motivated to work heavy into the night and into the morning each and every day and each and every class to try to complete the tasks they have been assigned. His students forego sleep as a rule. They are so intent into whatever he is teaching; whatever he has assigned them; and whatever he has asked them to do. He has an uncanny undeniable ability to simply motivate his students to go one step further and each student just does whatever is expected." read more comments click here....

A student: "..I wish the bootcamp was 4 weeks, it has been absolutely worth it till now.."

CCIE 25604
CCIE 25604
" I thought I knew my routing before I attended to Heinz Ulm 3 week bootcamp. I was totally wrong. The master himself taught me things that I had never seen before. I found out that I wasn't that good after all. The drilling really paid off and now I am a CCIE. Heinz Ulm bootcamp is a must for every candidate."          CCIE 25604 (Finland) CCIE 25604

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