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2017: 22 Years CCIE Bootcamps 32 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

CCIE 25215
CCIE 25215
"Hi Professor Heinz, Coming to your boot camp was the dawn of CCIE reality and a big wakeup call for me. Prior to my arrival at your boot camp, I actually deluded myself 'in thinking that I was close to being ready for the LAB' I was so wrong, and so far from the truth. With Professor Heinz, I discovered exactly 'how LIMITED I was in terms of knowledge and CCIE readiness' and exactly what the CCIE standard was and how distant from it I was at the time (i.e. in another galaxy). Thanks to Professor Heinz, I was able to make the transformation from mere 'contender status' to 'actual champion' i.e. passing the CCIE Lab. Warning & Advisory Notice, if you are NOT prepared to sacrifice 'your life' to pass the CCIE Lab, then my advice would be to just forget it, cause believe me, it DEFINITELY has the potential to be FATAL !!!! "          CCIE 25215 (UK) CCIE 25215

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          " Remote attendance" possible now for CCIE Bootcamps saving lots of expenses!!!
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'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 34847

"Unlike Caslow or the Brians - Apparently no one has ever completed a single lab of his in 8 hours on the first try, nor have they passed it obviously ..." read more comments click here....

CCIE Bootcamps in Germany

CCIE R&S Bootcamps in Germany, near Munich

**** Up to 40 routers and switches per student unshared ! ****
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Of course we support the newest blueprint v5 !

Let us help you prepare !!!

Class language is English !

Class Dates   Hotelinfo   Duration

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04 June - 22 June, 2018 (Germany, near Munich)

Remote attendance now possible !!!
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Instructor: Heiko Groeger (Quadruple CCIE)

3 weeks
(15 days)
5395 €

4533.61 € yes
04 June - 15 June,2018 (Germany, near Munich)

Remote attendance now possible !!!
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Instructor: Heiko Groeger (Quadruple CCIE)

2 weeks
(10 days)
3895 €

3273.11 € yes
04 June - 08 June, 2018 (Germany, near Munich)

Remote attendance now possible !!!
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Instructor: Heiko Groeger (Quadruple CCIE)

1 week
(5 days)
2395 €

2012.61 € yes

Dates for 2nd half of 2018 early in 2018

"I've seen many questions on Groupstudy about what to ask the proctor. The students of Heinz Ulm are drilled every single day on not only what to ask, but when to ask, and why to ask. They are taught to make an impression on the proctor that they did not come to take the lab exam, but instead that they are fully prepared for the lab exam and they simply came to the Cisco facility to collect their digits." read more comments click here....

A student: "Heinz is an outstanding instructor, probably one of the most knowledgable people I have ever met"

CCIE 34633
CCIE 34633
"I could summarize the Heinz Bootcamp in one sentence 'If You really think SERIOUSLY about CCIE, just do it!'. But to be more specific it's the best way to refine Your knowledge and gives You all of that little details needed to pass the CCIE exam. Heinz labs are really different from anything on the market, they're unique. Sometimes simply quest but with hidden traps and sometimes difficult one but with reasonable solution, the labs will help You find Your weakest points. That's the best value of the camp. Not to learn You everything from the basics, but to show You where You should improve and verify Your knowledge. This is the most difficult side of preparation to the exam.
And Heinz assures that You're receiving a naked truth about Your preparation status, sometimes it's rough but it's always to help You. And You're receiving tips from the man who knows what CCIE means and how to pass it.
If You think that You're well prepared, then good for You and try with Heinz :) You can be surprised how after the Camp You'll start to think in different way, the exam way. Then there is only one thing left to do :)           CCIE 34633 (Poland)"
CCIE 34633

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