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2017: 22 Years CCIE Bootcamps 32 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

"Student of an US camp:
I enjoyed the mock lab a lot. It gave me a much better idea of how the actual lab would be in terms of stress and timing. Keep up the good work !"

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          " Remote attendance" possible now for CCIE Bootcamps saving lots of expenses!!!
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'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 34847

How does it work ?
What's the content ?

When should you go to the exam ?

You'll get extremly complicated and challenging scenarios, "challenges",  which you  configure.The degree of complexity and difficulty is that what you can expect in the real lab exam, but our labs are probably  harder.
(That's what we hear from our students all the time)

You will be challenged on almost all test areas that Cisco is looking for, including the newest blueprint of course. These in-depth labs are an invaluable tool and help you tremendously to be successful.

You will work on a minimum of 25 routers  (unshared !),   (in some tasks even more !)  

Included is a dedicated troubleshooting task, MPLS, EEM stuff and lots of the Blueprint features.

You are working via a terminal-server just as in the exam.

Workbooks, Layer 1, 2 and 3 pictures are all in separate windows (just as in the exam).

And we are emulating/creating stress.

You work completely on your own with your own pace, your own CCO-web access.

There are no (official) breaks other than the lunch-break.

There are special stress exercises which put you under extreme load.
Please note that you are working deep into the night each day, plus on the weekends.

Most attendees underestimate the complexity.

The challenges start with a fairly complex one  and the complexity is increasing from task to task and day to day.  The complexity is similar to what you can expect in the real lab.

Please note, that our bootcamp is over 90 % hands-on,  with a morning lectured session on most days, covering the gaps and deficits which we discovered during our monitoring. 

During the morning sessions, there are also lectures about addressing issues, bit splitting, ospf area bit splitting, VLSM, undocumented or barely documented stuff, hints, tips and tricks, do's and dont's.

Basic configuration tasks and the theories are not discussed and must be understood before you come to the camp.

We assume you are in the final stages of your path to CCIE.

We are constantly monitoring what and how the attendees are configuring during the day.

During the mocklab- and troubleshooting-day students are asked to install VNC or Teamviewer so that we can even see their keystrokes the moment they enter them (just as in the exam)

If there is/are missing knowledge and/or missing tipps and tricks, do's and don'ts common to all of them, it will be discussed/lectured in the morning sessions. If there is a knowledge-gap just with one person then there is a 1:1-discussion/lecturing with that person only.  

As our student you will get constant feedback from us because we keep telnetting throughout the whole day to all devices.
We analyze Syslog and SNMP messages from your pod.

We make notes about the mistakes or "sub-optimal" configs. However we do not let you know about your mistakes immediately. Instead we watch to see how long it takes you to find out that something is wrong and how you are trying to fix it. If the case is not solved within a certain time window you will get a hint about the problem and/or solution. We do never fix a problem for you and we never change a config.

Between our bootcamp and the lab-exam you should plan approx. 3-4  additional weeks for further studies, book readings and practice to fill all the gaps which you discovered during the bootcamp. If you need more rack time we can offer very affordable and competitive rack rentals to our gear.

Please bring your own notebook with Ethernet port (preferred) or WLAN-card (so you have)


CCIE 25604
CCIE 25604
" I thought I knew my routing before I attended to Heinz Ulm 3 week bootcamp. I was totally wrong. The master himself taught me things that I had never seen before. I found out that I wasn't that good after all. The drilling really paid off and now I am a CCIE. Heinz Ulm bootcamp is a must for every candidate."          CCIE 25604 (Finland) CCIE 25604

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