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2017: 22 Years CCIE Bootcamps 32 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

CCIE 37813
CCIE 37813
"The Heinz Ulm boot camp was for me more than just a technical boot camp. For me it was a lifetime experience which learned me to work harder than ever to achieve the ultimate goal. I thought that I knew my limits, during the bootcamp I experienced that my limits were higher than I ever thought. It made me stronger, faster and better. Thanks to that I was able to pass my CCIE on the first attempt! Now when I have my number I'm still enjoying the advantages of the bootcamp experience.          CCIE 37813 (Netherlands) " CCIE 37813

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'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 24748

Please read what a student recently wrote regarding the stress exercises in my bootcamp

"I just wanted to tell you how I passed, just to let you know why Heinz’ stress-training is so important:
At my first try I had a fantastic day (but I failed), everything worked well, afterwards I thought was that stresstraining really necessary?
I think for my first try not, I would have needed it, when something unexpected would have happened.

This time it was vice versa, I passed, but:

At 5:00 in the morning I woke up with a headache and thought, no, not this day! I took some Aspirin, but it didn’t help very much.

So when I got my Lab I realized, that I could not concentrate very well: I was not able to connect the single tasks, so I decided to do it step by step (thats not the best solution, because you have to change sometimes some old tasks, because of their relation to the task you are working with).

Then I got my next shock: I could not configure the simplest tasks, I always forgot some command, or I couldn’t remember some commands; that’s pretty unusual for me because I’m very good in memorizing. This time I only knew on which page and in which line I would find the command in my “black book”, but that was all, I couldn’t remember it!

As an example: OSPF didn’t work over a Point-toPoint link, so after 10 minutes I decided: ok do it suboptimal, use NBMA and it worked.

So was the whole day, I had to debug each protocol, because I always forgot something..... (following surpressed)......

So half of my time I was troubleshooting my own faults. Then there were blackouts, as Heinz described them: I stared at the screen for minutes, because I couldn’t remember a command which I knew, that I knew it!And you are not able to do anything else!!!!

There I was saved by a precaution I took: (I’m not recommending it, but for me it’s working) I’m drinking each
hour 1 bottle of water (1/2 liter), so I had to go to the toilet pretty often. So when I got stuck in some sort of blackout, I was saved by the need to go to the toilet!

3 times I came back with an idea and could proceed.

So I finished just in time and had no idea if I had passed or not; and the proctor must have thought: this guy must be crazy, not configuring one single task right, but after troubleshouting finding all gaps and traps.

After finishing the lab one guy asked the proctor, when he would get his score-report and was told, that he would get a mail at night, when he passed with his CCIE number or one which tells him where on CCO to look up his score-report.

So I checked my mail at 21:00, at 3:30 next morning: still nothing (I had to go downstairs to the hotel reception since I didn’t bring my notebook with me)

At 5:00 I got my mail:” Your CCIE lab score report is available on the web. The report will show your performance in each section for the CCIE Lab.”

So I thought that I had failed.

I even considered not looking up my score-report, but going to bed again, but then I decided to print it out and to look at it later.
To my surprise it said not fail, put pass! So if you get the same mail: it doesn’t mean anything, look for your score-report!

Good luck to all who are next"


CCIE 22474
CCIE 22474
"The Heinz Ulm Bootcamp is like a classical education in computer networking. He brings you back to the fundamental bits and bytes of IP networking. In doing so, you gain not just memorised information but an understanding of the concepts and procotols involved. As a result, the construction of switching, routing, redistribution and filtering configurations are far more intuitive.
The Bootcamp also helps you to develop vital exam techniques. The very nature of the course means that you build mental stamina and after three weeks of agressive preparation, you should be capable of hours of concentration. You are also required to develop the attention to detail required in the real lab and it becomes obvious very quickly that no assumptions can be made at all.
Finally, the Bootcamp experience itself was very rewarding and I met some great friends during the three weeks. The setting is very informal and while the atmosphere is relax, there is also a collective focus with everyone working together to solve problems and ultimately get that number.
CCIE 22474 (Ireland)"
CCIE 22474

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