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2017: 22 Years CCIE Bootcamps 32 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

CCIE 37813
CCIE 37813
"The Heinz Ulm boot camp was for me more than just a technical boot camp. For me it was a lifetime experience which learned me to work harder than ever to achieve the ultimate goal. I thought that I knew my limits, during the bootcamp I experienced that my limits were higher than I ever thought. It made me stronger, faster and better. Thanks to that I was able to pass my CCIE on the first attempt! Now when I have my number I'm still enjoying the advantages of the bootcamp experience.          CCIE 37813 (Netherlands) " CCIE 37813

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          " Remote attendance" possible now for CCIE Bootcamps saving lots of expenses!!!
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A happy
'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 34847

Do you need a visa ?

Nigeria, Mexico, Poland




Letter of Invitation:
A letter of invitation for the purpose of requesting a visa will be issued to delegates who have registered and paid their class fees.

To request a letter of invitation, after you have completed your registration and payment, please send us the following info.
We have put the requested info into a file (3 different file formats) so that you can fill it out easily and email it to us. Also we can copy and paste it that way quickly into the visa invitation letter:

Download  the file 'passportinfo' as Pdf-file

Download  the file 'passportinfo' as OpenOffice File

Download  the file 'passportinfo' as MS-Word-Doc-file

Tell us if we should use the invoice address.
(it might be wise to send us this info even before your payment so that we have everything to proceed once your payment arrives. This would avoid further delays)

We will create your visa invitation letter after receipt of
your full payment only !
(It might be wise not to wait with the payment until
the full payment period has elapsed. It would be at your own expense)

We will then sign and scan your letter and email to you as a pdf file at no charge.
(this is more as a reference. The embassy wants to see the original though)

We also will send it at no charge via regular air mail to the address which you
(hopefully) provided.

If you request to receive an original letter via FedEx, UPS, DHL or such services, those
additional charges would be payable by you prior to the start of your class.
Those expenses are usually quite high.
(i.e. to Nigeria over 100 USD; to Saudi over 50 USD; it very much depends on
the destination)





Please plan several weeks just for the visa process at the embassy and request your visa invitation letter well in advance

We are conducting a lot of classes and may not be available to process your letter immediately.  Please allow for that possible delay.

If you do not get the visa approved we refund you the class fee, as long as the class start  is still 4 weeks away.

It is your responsibility to get the visa. We cannot help other than issuing a visa invitation letter. We will never contact an embassy or consulat to help you get the visa. No exceptions.

All the above is why we strongly recommend registering for the class at least 10 - 12 weeks in advance. It would give you time to pay the class fee, us to issue the visa invitation letter, and the embassy to process your application.
(as we have experienced recently, the visa process through the embassies takes more time now)

What visa you need and how exactly the procedure works, you must
find out yourself by contacting the embassy or browsing their websites.
We can only help with a visa invitation letter.

A student: "An excellent experience all around !"

CCIE 34847
CCIE 34847
"I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a 3 week Heinz Ulm Bootcamp in preparation for my CCIE R&S Lab. I found the bootcamp extremely useful to practice the full scope of work for the R&S Lab blueprint, and specifically fine tune interpretation of Lab questions and configuration speed.
The Denver bootcamp location which I attended, has the advantage of providing accommodation in the same location where the Lab/workspace is located. This meant you are able to start as early, and continue working as late as you require, and being close to a bed when your configs start looking blurry from tiredness.
I recommend anyone that has the means and time available to attend a Heinz Ulm bootcamp, preferably about 1 month before attempting the Lab.          CCIE 34847 (South Africa)"
CCIE 34847

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