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2017: 22 Years CCIE Bootcamps 32 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

CCIE 11827
CCIE 11827
"Your boot camp was really awesome !           CCIE 11827 (Austria)" CCIE 11827
CCIE 11827

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          " Remote attendance" possible now for CCIE Bootcamps saving lots of expenses!!!
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A happy
'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 34847

A student: "This is a great bootcamp ! Really, I have no idea what you can do to make it even more better. No time limits, great class material" read more comments click here....

Jim White (right) CCIE 17409,  with John Chambers, Cisco CEO

Jim White stated in on 5th Feb 07:

"I also attended a 2 week bootcamp in Germany with Heiko Groeger and Heinz Ulm.
I felt this was one the best training courses I had ever taken because at the end of it
you really felt you were much better prepared than before it.
Also, Heinz/Heiko were absolute gentlemen to deal with. "

"I think you asked about his "Instructors" that he leaves behind. They are all former students. The one that is giving a bootcamp in Germany right now is named "Heiko" and he is a "Dirty Evil Bastard" just like Heinz..." read more comments click here....

A student: "Heinz is the best Cisco trainer I ever had"


CCIE 17746
CCIE 17746
"Heinz' classes are excellent! About 90 % of students who took his CCIE bootcamp are now CCIE           CCIE 17746 (Peru)" CCIE 17746
CCIE 17746

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