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Did you know about the Secret Engineer Mode of a Catalyst ??

Here's the trick to enter the secret engineer-mode in a catalyst 5K :

With Supervisor-Engine I:

  1. Enter enable mode
  2. Do a SH VERSION (so that you get Hardware-,Firmware- and Software-Versions)
  4. You will be prompted for a password. Now this is very complex. You must enter the password in
the following format:


That is, the VTY-password followed by the VTY-password again, followed by the Hardware-Version,

followed by the Software-version(no spaces, do not type the dots in the versions)

Let's say (an assumption):

the VTY-password is c

the Hardware-version is 2.2

the formware-version is 2.3

then you would enter as the engineer-password:


With Supervisor-Engine II (and according to David Wan also on Supervisor III):
  1. Enter enable mode
  2. Do a SH VERSION (so that you get Hardware-,Firmware- and Software-Versions)
  4. You will be prompted for a password. Now this is very complex. You must enter the password in
the following format:


That is, the VTY-password followed by the VTY-password again, followed by the Hardware-Version,

followed by the Software-version (no spaces, do not type the dots in the versions).

Let's say (an assumption):

the VTY-password is c

the Hardware-version is 2.2

the formware-version is 2.3

then you would enter as the engineer-password: c2223c

You see, the difference between Supervisor I and II is just the position where the second VTY-password
is placed.

After you are in engineer-mode, you can display the available functions by SH ?
There will be a lot new (besides the know ones) functions available !!

Great isn't it ?

OK, here's a demonstration:


' telnet to the catalyst

Trying ... Open

Cisco Systems Console

Enter password:

' I entered "c"

Console> enable

Enter password:

' I entered "c"

Console> (enable) sh version

WS-C5000 Software, Version McpSW: 4.4(1) NmpSW: 4.4(1)

Copyright (c) 1995-1999 by Cisco Systems

NMP S/W compiled on Jan 6 1999, 18:05:22

MCP S/W compiled on Jan 06 1999, 17:50:33

System Bootstrap Version: 2.2(2)

Hardware Version: 2.3 Model: WS-C5000 Serial #: 006342981

Mod Port Model Serial # Versions

--- ---- ---------- --------- ----------------------------------------

1 2 WS-X5009 006342981 Hw : 2.3

Fw : 2.2(2)

Fw1: 2.2(1)

Sw : 4.4(1)

2 24 WS-X5225R 015573453 Hw : 3.3

Fw : 4.3(1)

Sw : 4.4(1)

3 24 WS-X5225R 013496932 Hw : 3.3

Fw : 4.3(1)

Sw : 4.4(1)

4 2 WS-X5158 004446685 Hw : 1.2

Fw : 1.3

Fw1: 1.3

Sw : 3.2(4)


Module Total Used Free Total Used Free Total Used Free

------ ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ----- ----- -----

1 20480K 10473K 10007K 4096K 3584K 512K 256K 130K 126K

Uptime is 0 day, 5 hours, 8 minutes

Console> (enable) enable engineer

Enter password:

' I entered a wrong password so that you see the reaction


Console> (enable) enable engineer

Enter password:

' this time I entered "c232244c" because it is a Supervisor II engine

' the result is the engineer-prompt "debug-eng"

Console> (debug-eng) ?



bootp Start a bootp download

broadcast Broadcast a message

call Call specified C function

cam EARL utilities

cdpd Start the CDP daemon

clear Clear, use 'clear help' for more info

configure Configure system from network

connect Connect to FDDI ring

copy Copy code between TFTP server and module

ding Send index directed packet to port

disable Disable privileged mode

disconnect Disconnect from FDDI ring or disconnect user session

download Download code to a processor

enable Enable privileged mode

erase Erase, use 'erase help' for more info

failed_next Set Failed Next

help Show this message

history Show contents of history substitution buffer

kill Send a signal to a process

lcp Send console commands to an LCP

packnvram pack NVRAM

ping Send echo packets to hosts

ps List current state of processes on the system

quit Exit from the Admin session

reconfirm Reconfirm VMPS

reload Force software reload to linecard

reset Reset system or module

ibping Send Ibipc v2 pings

scp SCP utilities

scpmsg Send SCP message

scpper Start SP performance test

slpper Start SLP performance test

sltask Start Salem task for slp link

session Tunnel to ATM or Router module

set Set, use 'set help' for more info

show Show, use 'show help' for more info

slip Attach/detach Serial Line IP interface

snmpd Start the snmp daemon

start_op_console Start Standby Supervisor Console

switch Switch to standby <clock|supervisor>

tcpactive Start TCP active download test

tcpstandby Start TCP standby download test

tcptest Start TCP download test

tcpactnvram Start TCP active NVRAM test

tcpsbynvram Start TCP standby NVRAM test

telnet Telnet to a remote host

telnetd Start the telnet daemon

test Test, use 'test help' for more info

traceroute Trace the route to a host

upload Upload code from a processor

wait Wait for x seconds

whichbus Which bus mod/port is on

whoisdnld Who is downloading

whoisnvram Who is holding nvram

write Write system configuration to terminal/network

start_cl_console Start Clear Lake (NAM) Console

Console> (debug-eng) show ?

Show commands:


show agc Show Actual Group Capability

show agport Show Agport Information

show alias Show aliases for commands

show alloc Show mbuf and malloc allocation

show arbiter Show Samba arbiter status

show arp Show ARP table

show asic Show asic information from the extended card feature table

show asicreg Show ASIC registers

show authentication Show authentication information

show authentable Show nvram authentication table

show avltree Show EARL AVL tree information

show biga Show BIGA and Driver stats

show bridge Show bridge information

show bridgefddi Show bridge info on individual FDDI modules

show blackcombreg Show Blackcmb Register

show bcreg Show Blackcomb Register[range]

show bcstatistics Show Blackcomb Statistics

show bcsearch Show Blackcomb Search data

show searchforever Show Blackcomb Search Forever

show earlintrreg Show Earl Intr Register

show lookupram Show Blackcomb Lookup Ram

show looktable Show Blackcomb Lookup Table

show indexram Show Blackcomb Index Ram

show mappingram Show Blackcomb Mapping Ram

show fidram Show Blackcomb Fid Ram

show controlram Show Blackcomb Control Ram

show fiforam Show Blackcomb Notify Fifo Ram

show tbm Show Tremblant Register

show tbmind Show Tremblant Indir Register

show tbmstatus Show Tremblant Status

show banfflog Show Banff log information

show banffreg Show Banff Register

show banffmet Show Banff MET

show banffpb Show Banff Packet Buffer

show banff-reset Show Banff reset counts

show banff-list Show Banff free list

show busnmi Show Switching Bus NMI setting

show cam Show CAM table

show cbl Show 8051 color blocking logic contents

show cbpointer Show Config Block Pointers

show cdp Show Cisco Discovery Protocol Information

show cdpstat Show CDP statistics

show cdptable Show CDP Cache Table Entries

show cgmp Show CGMP info

show checkinterval Show nvram check interval

show code Show assembly code

show config Show system configuration

show counters Show port counters

show cpumon Show CPUMON Settings

show drip Show DRiP Information

show dvlan Show dynamic vlan statistics

show dvlan Show dynamic vlan statistics

show ebcmodes Show EBC HW modes

show fddi Show FDDI module entries

show fddicam Show FDDI module CAM table

show feature Show feature

show flash Show system flash information

show generic_counters Show generic counters

show help Show this message

show ibipc Show ibipc statistics

show igmp Show IGMP information

show imagemib Show image mib information

show interface Show network interfaces

show ip Show IP Information

show log Show log information

show logging Show system logging information

show ltl Show 8051 local target logic contents

show mac Show MAC information

show macdbg Show MAC debug information

show malloc Show malloc stats

show mbuf Show mbuf and cluster statistics

show mdg Show Multiple Default Gateway Debug Info

show memuse Show memory usage by pid

show mem Show memory contents

show microcode Show microcode versions

show module Show module information

show multicast Show multicast information

show mls Show multilayer switching information

show netstat Show network statistics

show ntp Show ntp statistics

show nvramversion Show nvram version

show nvstat Show Active Nvram Tasks Stats

show option Show option

show port Show port information

show portdbg Show port debug information

show portinfo Show portinfo structure

show portreg Show port registers

show protocolfilter Show protocolfilter information

show pruning Show VTP pruning information

show redunda_state Show redundancy state info

show rif Show Routing Information Field (RIF) Table

show rsmautostate Show RSM derived interface state enabled/disabled

show saint Show saint registers

show sbnvstat Show Standby Nvram Tasks Stats

show sbyports Show Standby Ports usage status

show sccstat Show SCC status

show scpmem Show 8051 memory contents

show scpmodstat Show SCP-Module Stats.

show scpreg Show SCP registration table

show scpstat Show SCP statistics

show scptrace Show trace levels

show semaphore Show semaphore information

show slpreg Show SLP registration table

show slpstat Show SLP statistics

show snmp Show SNMP information

show snmpd Show snmpd state information

show softflag Show all softflags

show span Show switch port analyzer information

show spanningtree Show spantree port information

show spantree Show spantree information

show spoofing Show spoofing state

show sprom Show Serial EEPROM

show standbyports Show state of standby ports feature.

show station Show Tokenring Station info

show summertime Show state of summertime information

show syndiag Show syndiags status

show timer Show timer information

show trport Show port status info for Token Ring port

show trmod Show module details for Token Ring module

show system Show system information

show tacacs Show TACACS information

show test Show results of diagnostic tests

show time Show time of day

show timezone Show the current timezone offset

show tokenring Show tokenring information

show top Show TopN report

show tpoint Show trace points

show trace Show trace settings

show trunk Show trunk ports

show users Show active Admin sessions

show version Show version information

show vlan Show Virtual LAN information

show vlantbladr Show Vlan Port Table Address

show vmps Show VMPS information

show vtp Show VTP Information

show whistler Show Whistler information

Console> (debug-eng) exit

' with "exit" I ended my telnet-session

[Connection to closed .....

show counters <mod/port> shows you SNMP and RMON counters.

Another happy
'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 23135

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