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2017: 22 Years CCIE Bootcamps 32 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

CCIE 22806
CCIE 22805
"I scheduled the 3 weeks Bootcamp at Heinz Ulm with 7 weeks in advance of my lab date. At first I thaught that was a long time, because I was feeling pretty good with my knowledge. But it turned out I was wrong. I wasn't as prepared as I thaught I was. After the 3 weeks spent with Heinz I knew exactly where I was and what I needed to do. The 7 weeks after the bootcamp were gold for me.
I passed the lab on my first attempt. Thanks Heinz for everything.           CCIE 22805 (Romania)"
CCIE 22806

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          " Remote attendance" possible now for CCIE Bootcamps saving lots of expenses!!!
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'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 18026

"Before the bootcamp I thought that i knew a lot about Routing and Switching after doing many workbooks. Heinz not only demonstrated that I was completely wrong but also challenged me to levels I can never imagine. Heinz Ulm provided the right tools to be successful not only for CCIE but also for my professional job. Heinz made me laugh sometimes so it was a perfect balance with ultra-hard work. I also got to know some CCIE candidates (differente countries, different cultures) that now are my friends with whom I had the opportunity to study with and learn a lot after the bootcamp. If you want to work hard, practice hard, suffer, conquer, be challenged, study hard, learn and at the end be successful Heinz Ulm Bootcamp is the right place."

CCIE 38167 (Portugal)
CCIE 38167 read more comments click here....

"The best CCIE Boot Camp Worldwide is run by a German guy named Heinz Ulm in Augsburg"

A quote from a Cisco presenter at the Cisco Networker's Conference in Chicago.

(Thanks to Tom Hagman, Florida, USA ( CCIE 9906 ) for bringing this information to us)
This quote was repeated at Cisco Live in 2015 !
(Thanks to Mark Dickson, USA for reporting this to us)

Please note that we are not only conducting classes nearby Augsburg, Germany, but also in several other locations !

the best bootcamp worldwide is by Heinz Ulm
CCIE 9906

"Well, when asking me, what one can do best for archieving enough knowhow and personal strength in order to manage the CCIE-Lab, I would strongly recommend to join Heinz's Boot Camp. You get skilled, you get tough, and on top you get some funny weeks with good food and beverage, and (probably most important) you get into contact with other "pre-CCIEs", which you will never forget and which you will surely meet in your post-lab-live." Christoph, CCIE#6295" read more comments click here....

CCIE 34633
CCIE 34633
"I could summarize the Heinz Bootcamp in one sentence 'If You really think SERIOUSLY about CCIE, just do it!'. But to be more specific it's the best way to refine Your knowledge and gives You all of that little details needed to pass the CCIE exam. Heinz labs are really different from anything on the market, they're unique. Sometimes simply quest but with hidden traps and sometimes difficult one but with reasonable solution, the labs will help You find Your weakest points. That's the best value of the camp. Not to learn You everything from the basics, but to show You where You should improve and verify Your knowledge. This is the most difficult side of preparation to the exam.
And Heinz assures that You're receiving a naked truth about Your preparation status, sometimes it's rough but it's always to help You. And You're receiving tips from the man who knows what CCIE means and how to pass it.
If You think that You're well prepared, then good for You and try with Heinz :) You can be surprised how after the Camp You'll start to think in different way, the exam way. Then there is only one thing left to do :)           CCIE 34633 (Poland)"
CCIE 34633

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