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2017: 22 Years CCIE Bootcamps 32 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

"Student of an US camp:
I enjoyed the mock lab a lot. It gave me a much better idea of how the actual lab would be in terms of stress and timing. Keep up the good work !"

Random CCIEs
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A happy
'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 30037

Student's and Partner's comments

Heinz Ulm's Training

Official Cisco classes tought: (CID, CIT, SNA, ICRC/ICND, ACRC/BCRAN or its new names)

Bootcamp comments

More general

Recommended/referenced at networkers

USA Classes

Mr. Phil Baker (a wellknown trainer and manager from Comtech, Belgium, (now Netbrain),
a known Cisco Training Partner) wrote:

"I did read through the student evals and those definitely
are the best scores I've ever seen for the SNAM class (and
many other classes).

You can definitely count on more business if we have an
opening for an instructor, this was money well spent.
Pity you're not *available*."

A student from my SNA class:
"I wish any instructor would teach like Heinz Ulm"

A swedish student, who had several other cisco classes in england,
sweden and france before, wrote:
"The instructor is the best I'll ever had ... His personal experience
meant a lot to me .."

A belgium student wrote:
"The instructor shared many experiences with the class where those
tips and experience are very hard to find in books or manuals...."

Mr. Sherif Enayet, Trainingmanager NCR Saudi Arabia wrote:
"Thank you very much for the excellent cisco courses you have taught in Saudi.
Your professionalism, technical knowledge, personality and human communication skills
has extremely contributed to the big success of the courses, and to the total delight
of our customers attending these courses."

Other students wrote:

"Heinz is the best Cisco trainer I ever had"

" Good personal experience; knowledge transfer ... "

"The instructor was extremely knowledge and helpful. I would gladly take another course with him"

"This is the second class I've had with this instructor and I would enjoy further opportunities
to train under him"

".. Good value adding to slides ... "

"I would take another course from Heinz Ulm any day"

"Heinz is an outstanding instructor, probably one of the most knowledgable people
I have ever met"

"... Instructor has a lot of experience... "

"...optimal instructor....."

".....excellent instructor ...."

"Excellent instructor provided lots of real-world examples"

"instructor extremely knowledgeable"

"great job by the instructor"

Students from a CIT class wrote:

"Sitting in Mr. Heinz Ulm's class is always a great experience. I wish I could sit in all his classes."

"Recommendation for all IT-Professionals"

"very good trainer"

"Sure U don't remember me - I've attended your fantastic ICRC & ACRC in
November 1996, Augsburg, NCR training center.
ThanX a lot for them - U're really the best Cisco trainer."
Shchetinin Igor

"The instructor is a pleasure to take a class with his amount of knowledge
is amazing and real-life examples help in understanding"

"Well, probably it's just a sheer luck to meet one of the best Cisco instructors"

"I hope I could have the chance of being under his class in the next Cisco class that
I would take"

"I had to call a DLSW problem into Cisco TAC located in Brussels,
The engineer I worked with, Matt Winnett, speaks very highly of you"

German comments:

"...und nochmal DANKE für den wirklich "tollen" Kurs...."

"...Ihr Unterricht war verdammt gut...."

"Wer beim Heinz Ulm‘schen Troubleshooting sich alle Schweinereien merkt und diese zu Hause
noch ein paar mal übt, der übersteht auch das CCIE-Troubleshooting PROBLEMLOS!.
(23 Punkte für mich)" Christoph K., Munich

quick translation of the above statement:
"who memorizes all the evil tricks built in by Heinz Ulm and does some additional practicing back
"home won't have any problems surviving the troubleshooting. I got 23 points."

Comments from/about my CCIE bootcamps :

"Heinz runs a great class. The facilities were good"

"I was thrilled with the class and will recommend it to anyone"

"Once again it was really great being in your class, and very enjoyable even
under stress."

"bestanden, erledigt und abgehakt !!! Besten Dank erst mal für die gute

"Vielen Dank für Deine Unterstützung, ohne die es nie beim ersten Mal
geklappt hätte".
Translation: "Thanks for your support, without it I wouldn't

have passed on first attempt."

"Die Prüfung habe ich mit 89 Punkten bestanden. D a n k e !"
Translation: "I passed the exam with 89 points. Thanks."

"It was really a great time in Your Bootcamp in Augsburg.
I have learned very much. The exercises were excellent and we have got many
valuable information. I will recommend Your training to all my friends."

"I am very happy to write that I feel 10 times more confidence to go for the
CCIE LAB after attending your three week rigorous/tough/evil training."

"I have highly benefited via this three weeks long drill of router configurations. I
especially like the last week of troubleshooting. This is the most common
less practised area in the LAB preparation for all the candidates. That was
the peak point of your tricks. Now I know that 'I don't know enough'."

"I will definitely encourage people to go and attain your training as a good
pre LAB training like your boot camp is quite essential to pass the CCIE

"I was very pleased with the class, it is an excellent tool to polish your
CCIE level skills to prepare for the test. In all fairness to yourself,
you need to have a good command of the IOS, which should be covered in
Heinz's recommendation for CCNP or higher certification. If you have the
basic skill set necessary, it is an excellent class to hone your skills to
the point where the lab should not be a problem. I sincerely feel that it
saved me 6-8 months of preparation time on my own. Also, the opportunity
to work with a number of people with the same goal is valuable in itself.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is on the path to CCIE!!"

"I definitely feel that it was money/time well invested."

"Aber ich habe es geschafft!!!!!!!!
Ohne Deine Unterstützung wäre es für mich nicht möglich
gewesen die Prüfung gleich beim ersten Mal zu bestehen."
Translation: "I made it !!!! Without your support it would not have been possible

to pass on my first attempt."

"Nochmals vielen Dank für Deine super Unterstützung."

Translation: "Again many thanks for your super support"

"When in Heinz' Bootcamp and he was really picky on details I sometimes thought
he is exaggerating just to make us frightened. He is actually not."

"Ich habe im 1. Versuch bestanden. Ich möchte mich hiermit nochmal recht herzlich
bei Dir bedanken für das sehr gute Bootcamp, ohne dies hätte ich es nicht geschafft,
insbesondere das Troubleshooting Training hat mir sehr geholfen"
Translation: "I passed on first attempt. I'd like to thank you again for your very good

bootcamp, without it I would not have made it, especially the troubleshooting training
was very helpful."

"....But, just speaking for me, without the experiences from
the bootcamp I'd never made it"

"excellent - motivating - helpful"

"..look at the CCIE number below .. you know who I thank for that :-)"

"Thank you again for all your guidance. Your class was by far the best experience that I
have ever had for learning and developing networking skills in a Cisco environment."

"..outstanding ..."

"I really wanted to express my gratitude to you for the bootcamp.
Your methodology and experience go together to make a class that is truly a learning experience!"

"Thank you again for your awesom bootcamp as well as being "THE EVIL BASTARD"-playing the proctor role
throughout the bootcamp. You really have prepared me well technically and most important of
all "emotionally" for the exam. Like I mentioned earlier, I never would have pass without
the troubleshooting week in your bootcamp."

"You did an execellent job of not only preparing us technically but most
importantly "EMOTIONALLY."

"Thanks to your 3rd week of troubleshooing labs in your bootcamp,
I was able to overcome all the issues presented to me"

"Ich möchte mich bei Dir bedanken. Ohne Dein Bootcamp hätte ich das Ganze nicht bestanden!"
Translation:"I want to thank you. Without your bootcamp I wouldn't have passed!"

"90 Punkte ! Vielen Dank nochmal für Deine Hilfe !
Translation: "90 points ! Many thanks again for your help !

"Danke Heinz für die drei Wochen und ich habe ab jetzt wieder ein richtiges
Familienleben. Von den 11 Cisco Mitarbeitern hat es keiner geschafft, nur ich als externer."

Translation: "Thanks, Heinz, for the 3 weeks. I now have a real family life again. From the

11 cisco employees no-one passed. Just me as only external one."

"Thanks guru"

"I would like to thank u for being a strict, it change me a lot".

since I was in your CCIE Boot Camp, my Cisco knowledge has greatly improved."

"und noch mal DANKE für dieses << ERLEBNIS >>. Das war es wirklich !
weiterhin so einen tollen Erfolg mit dem Bootcamp für 2002.
Thanks again for this tremendous experience ! Wishing you great success for 2002 too"

"I am excited, happy, pleased, relieved, and grateful to be able to announce
that I am now the CCIE in the world. Thank you Heinz for the great
bootcamp and all the follow-ups."

"Ich möchte mich nochmal für dein CCIE-Lab letztes Jahr in Augsburg bedanken.
Es hat nicht nur Spass gemacht und war ein grossartiges Lern-Erlebnis,
sondern hat es mir auch möglich gemacht in Brüssel zu bestehen."

Translation: "I would like to thank you again for your bootcamp in Augsburg last year.
Not only was it fun and a great learning-experience, but it made passing the lab in
brussels possible."

"I'm CCIE# 87xx. Thanks for all your help and support. Especially all those times in the
bootcamp where you had to debug through my bad configs. I still remember when you had
to just turn on split horizon on the frame interface for IGRP and everything worked,
after I have been trying to fix the redistribution problem for hours. "Suboptimal!!":-)
"Es waren drei verdammt harte und anstrengende Wochen, aber ich habe, denke
ich, in keinen drei Wochen meines doch recht lernintensiven Lebens jemals so
viel und wertvolles wie bei Dir gelernt. Dafür möchte ich Dir in aller Form

"This were three damn hard and exhausting weeks, but I think that I have never learned
so much and valuable in my learning-intense life before. Thanks a lot for that."

"An Dich auf jedem Fall nochmal ein großes DANKESCHÖN, dein Bootcamp war eine echte Bereicherung,
was also sagen will ich hab selten etwas erlebt an das ich mich so gern zurückerinnere ...
Ich werde Dich und das Bootcamp weiterempfehlen.."

"To you again a big THANK YOU, your bootcamp was a real enrichment. I have rarely experienced
something to which I like to remember so well. I will recommend you and your bootcamp further.."

"Have a good day and abuse a student for me!!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed the class and it has been very helpful to me,
there isn't a week that goes by that I don't use
something learned from your class and my classmates at work. 
It has helped my work as well as my studies!!"
"I want to thank you for some good 3 weeks of studying! I really had a
good time, even if it was long days, and my head became quite heavy
sometimes in the evenings - I really think I learned a lot and had a
good time!! With just a long week till my lab in Brussels I hope to keep
up with what I started down in Augsburg, to be as fit as possible on
next week. No matter what happens on the lab, I'm very certain of one
thing, I would never have been able to pass in the first attempt without
your bootcamp!! Of course I hope to pass, but I realize that things can
come up on the first attempt that will distract me and prohibit me from
staying calm.... but I really feel much more relaxed (at least now....)

after being in the bootcamp, and more ready for the challenges that will
come in the lab.

"Heinz: Fantastic class!!!!!!!!!"

"Your Bootcamp made all the difference - I can say for sure that I
woudn't have passed the first time without it. In addition it
strengthend my belief that the CCIE certification is really only the
beginning - there is much, much, much more still to learn! CCIE 96xx"

"I am very pleased to let you know that I have passed. I GOT THE NUMBER!!!!!!
CCIE #97xx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really glad that after a lot of studying and practicing, I managed to

I would really like to thank you very much. I think that your guidance
during the training and all the tips and tricks that you taught us, made the
difference and help me pass at my first attempt.

I wish good luck to all of the guys from the Bootcamp.
We were a very good bootcamp team and the fact that everybody helped each
other was extremely valuable."

"I want to thank you all for the great time in germany. And of course
thousand thanks to Heinz. Greetings from a HU-CCIE in Austria"

"The feeling to be treated more as a guest not just as a student was a great
experience. I appreciated a lot."

"Gracias por todo"

"Last I want to thank HEINZ for keeping our EYES open and
streching the need to be precise and
clear in our configs and to read carefully the tasks."-

"I really miss the days in Thierhaupten, and the lovely warm camp. I will start my
work next saturday, but this time with different mind, and different thinking.
All of this was done within 20 days only by a lovely Evil Bastard.
God bless you Heinz and thanks for your highly appreciated efforts"

"Well, when asking me, what one can do best for archieving enough knowhow
and personal strength in order to manage the CCIE-Lab, I would strongly recommend
to join Heinz's Boot Camp. You get skilled, you get tough, and on top you get
some funny weeks with good food and beverage, and (probably most important)
you get into contact with other "pre-CCIEs", which you will never forget and
which you will surely meet in your post-lab-live." Christoph, CCIE#6295"

"I have the pleasure to inform you that I managed to pass the CCIE R&S Lab
exam at my very first try.
I believe that it would not be possible without Your collaborative spirit
and support.
Special thanks, I would like to send to Heinz for his kindness, dedication
and supportiveness.
I wish I knew the way how to pay him back for everything he did for me, us."

"Thank you for a wonderful experience"

"Really , I want to say a big thank for your generous and professional

I will recommend it to everybody wants to be a CCIE, may be it will be one
of the requirements in the CCIE certifications.
It was good experience and interesting to attend a such course."

"Still studying, and I still can't thank you enough for your hospitality, the
outstanding training and opportunity you have afforded me. I hope to
conquer the R&S before year's end, that's my goal anyway. Maybe see you for
Security!!! Overall, I really enjoyed everything, the training was outstanding and I
hope to meet again soon."

"A long long time ago we configured endless days and nights for three weeks.
Talking only for me I can say that every day of the three weeks were very valueable and
absolutly necessary. It was a really great time. There is no silver bullet to become a
CCIE but long and hard work. And after all it led to success."

"Might I also say that I'm really glad that I pursued this career
direction, and very glad that I was able to do the bootcamp and meet
I'm involved in a number of interesting projects and in having a CCIE I
am well regarded within the organization."

"you will be pleased to know however that everything you drummed in via
those challenges and the lecturing actually began to play itself out like a well
known dance routine in the lab exam..... without your camp I would have felt very
uncomfortable in the exam"
Oh Evil Heinz, A word of thanks for such an enjoyable 3 weeks. Firstly your humour and kindness made life a lot easier in this tough environment. I cannot image any other instructor that would treat the student like a close friend. Your tough challenges have really tested me and have helped me to develop my Cisco skills and cope better with stress. I now truly know what area's of knowledge need to be reviewed to succeed with the CCIE lab. I have gained incredible knowledge and will be taking a new approach when troubleshooting and configuring routers in the future. Thank you for having the patience when my brain was so tired and I could not configure the simplest of tasks.
During the bootcamp I had doubts and often asked myself "What the hell am I doing here?" and then I would imagine hearing the words of Heinz saying " (censored) " or something to that effect and the inspiration to succeed was there again.
During the 3 weeks, I found it very difficult to sleep which did not help with the concentration levels. All I could dream of was routers, routers and more routers. In the last week, my brain switched off because of the lack of sleep. One night, I ended having many beers which in turn made me have a great nights' sleep.
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would have no problem recommending to other possible CCIE wannabe's.
If you have any students interested in attending the bootcamp and would like to speak to a former student, I will have no problem with them contacting me.

A student's comment at groupstudy:
I started with the Heinz Ulm CCIE bootcamp, which was 3 weeks
15 hours a day including weekend of intense training, and when I
came back I was at a certain level to be familiar with all the topics
for the exam, I trained everything there.
I would recommend the Heinz Ulm CCIE bootcamp.
It really brings you to a certain level, so that you
know "ok I did everything and now I know my weak points"

When asked "which were among the best experiences",
students wrote

24x7 access to the bootcamp
Separation of classroom and equipment
Noise level
Availability of the "evil-bastard" -
also out-of-hours
Learning from others
Sharing knowledge and different cultures
Working alone with my own routers
Heinz' generosity
Heinz' kind heart
Felt like a guest not a student

The group
It was the best team training I ever had
very good atmoshere
focussed work due to facilities
working spirit
good/perfect location
insider tips
food and hotel in general
the group discussions were great
open and good environment
enough equipment to work with
to have full time for studying
and configure
to have a CCIE to help me in my journey
discussion hours were like a treasure and
were very helpful
I felt very free
we can work as long as we want
meeting like minded individuals from all
over the world exchanging experiences and
cultural differences
having complicated scenarios
inside information on IOS features
lecture lessons in the morning
The challenges and study materials were very good
bootcamp facilities and accessability was excellent
Very good mix of study and relaxation
Heinz was always available for questions/assistance
Overall highly recommended

Very good organisation around the three weeks
The surrounding is perfect: quiet, coffee,
terrace, can stay as long as you want,
good lab setup, nice challenges
I feel more prepared now and know what to expect
Football & bowling were great stressrelieves
Environment (technical, collegues, your way
of teaching)
good working climate
location, people, pool, teacher
seeing students from almost every country
dedicating most time for challenge configuration
exchanging info between students
challenges, tasks and the "bastard"
everything is perfect and I hope we can make it
seeing my significant progress after the second challenge
getting a better understanding of what is expected in the lab
an excellent experience all around

Reactions after our bootcamps in US:

A student (himself a Cisco Instructor):

"Just come back at home after 3 weeks at Heinz Ulm CCIE Bootcamp. Great experience!
If you have yet a solid background and you are ready for an intensive
period of hard study you can really improve your preparation for your CCIE Lab.
I studied for 12 hours daily (90% hand-on on my 7 routers, changing
and tuning every hour my solutions) , Saturday and Sunday inclusive, I
solved all the Evil Bastard tasks, I hear his intersting hints and I
understood so much style improvements for my configuration.

I' m entusiastic of that course.

And finally I'm sure that Heinz is the best Cisco Instructor I ever
meet in my career, a real solid Networking knowledge and a big smile
everyday in his face"

Other students wrote:

"Excellent Bootcamp"

"The class was wonderful. Great job!"

"I enjoyed the mock lab a lot. It gave me a much better idea of how the actual
lab would be in terms of stress and timing. Keep up the good work !"

"An incredible amount of hands-on. An awesome experience in a comfortable
environment with challenging scenarios. By far the best Cisco training I ever
had, a cut obove the rest, but not for the fient of heart you will be stressed
and you will learn what it takes to be a CCIE"

"Being tested with a problem and then trying to figure out on my own"

"Getting to meet likeminded professionals; my weaknesses being exposed and
highlighted so that I may work on them. Class atmosphere was great.
Your unique knowledge transfer !"

"Overall, it exceeded my expectations"

comment_john From John Crawford
Date: 07-Jan-2006 17:20
Subject: Heinz Ulm CCIE Bootcamp USA


Hope this helps anyone considering attending the Heinz Ulm Bootcamp in
Denver, CO. I attended last Nov/Dec. The class runs in a hotel and
uses a VPN connection to Germany. Every student gets their own pod
with 6 routers and a 3550. The routers are a mixture of 2600XMs and
new 2800s.

The format of the class is a short lecture each morning with a wrap up
of common problems/questions from the day before. You are then
expected to continue working on the exercises set. These are pretty
exhaustive and very challenging. Heinz seems to have many years
experience in knowing what questions people need to battle with and he
has built numerous traps into the challenges.

When I went you could choose which challenges you wanted based on
whether you were a pre Jan-01 or post Jan-01 candidate. There was also
additional challenge material if you wanted it and updates promised
for this year.

The hotel meting room is available 24 hours and many of us worked
quite late. You can also work using client VPN from your room. The
equipment remains available for a week after the class.

On the last two days we did 8 hour mock labs. Heinz uses VNC to watch
you while you progress the lab which adds extra pressure and gives you
immediate feedback (sometimes scathing!) which was a great experience.

One nice thing about the class was that each day you were taken out
for lunch to wherever got the majority vote and you could eat/drink as
much as you liked! This was great fun and built a good spirit in the
class. Heinz and a friend also generously took us sightseeing in the
mountains at the weekend which was a real highlight and helped break
up the three weeks well.

It's the only course of this kind I've been on so I don't really know
how to compare it - all I can say is I thought it was great value for
money and helped me enormously.


More general:

"I met you at your prelab in augsburg germany 1998 and had a great time.
I will never forget you going through the NCR canteen dressed as an
Arab sheikh speaking perfect German :)"
David Molyneux

The following was brought to me by Mike Sünder from German Telekom.
The IT-people there seem to have very high respect for me and stated:
"Heinz is the man, where all bits solute him when marching past."
In german:
"Heinz ist der Mann, an dem alle Bits vorüberlaufen, anhalten, sich vor ihm verbeugen,
und dann weiterlaufen."

On Cisco's networkers conference in Chicago, during a CCIE power session presentation,
the talk was about the CCIE certificate and how to prepare best for it.
One of Cisco's presenters said the best ccie bootcamp worldwide is
run by a german guy named Heinz Ulm in Augsburg !
(Thanks. This was brought to me from Tom Hagman, Florida, USA)

"You should know, that exactly what I heard in 2015 at Cisco Live."
Mark Dickson, Sr. Network Analyst, KADLEC REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER reports this to us in January 2016

On a networking conference in netherlands in 2000
(it wasn't Cisco's networkers!)
there was a public podium discussion about the complexity,
difficulty, worth and meaning of IT-certifications.
Of course there were many discussions about how hard it is to become a CCIE.
One of the conference attendees (still unknown to me) mentioned over the microphone that
"sitting in Heinz Ulm's CCIE class is as if you would get your
CCIE number at the end of the class".

(Nice, isn't it. This was brought to me from Robert Teeuw, former Comparex, NL, employee)

I was speaking to a German Customer who opened a TAC case and has nothing
but good things to say about the course. .
How much did you pay him or is he a relative ?

(Feisal from Cisco TAC, UK)

"I was so impressed with your site and I know you are the biggest name in the CCIE arena that I wanted to offer you the role
of tech reviewer for my CCNA book."  Paul Browning

"Im just writing to say thanks for the great time I had in germany.
I throughly enjoyed myself."  Allan from Australia

CCIE 25604
CCIE 25604
" I thought I knew my routing before I attended to Heinz Ulm 3 week bootcamp. I was totally wrong. The master himself taught me things that I had never seen before. I found out that I wasn't that good after all. The drilling really paid off and now I am a CCIE. Heinz Ulm bootcamp is a must for every candidate."          CCIE 25604 (Finland) CCIE 25604

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