Below are the wild animals we have been able to photograph in our garden so far. There are more. But they were quicker
than it took us to get the camera (i.e. garter snakes, butterflies ). And we heard that racoons come at night too.
The coyotes/prairie wolf do not come into our garden but in some nights you can hear them howl in the distance.
Our neighbor said he once saw a whole band of coyotes crossing the street nearby.
And, no worries, we do NOT have rattlesnakes in the garden, but a few minutes by car away there are plenty....
One morning I saw a  Hummingbird feeding from our humming bird feeder....
Scary: A neighbor found a Bullsnake once in his garden !!
(click on the names/links under the pictures and read more info at Wikipedia)

If you would like to see other animals which we found as roadkills on our trips through USA click here.

American Robin

Blue Jay

Cottontail Rabbit

Red Shafted Northern Flicker

Fox Squirrel

Dragon Fly