Our house in Andalucia, Spain, nearby Malaga 

The ground and surrounding before construction started: A quiet valley with no phone lines, no traffic.
On the right picture you see the mediterranean see in the distance (5 km air-to-air)

half-way through; the workers did a great job

Heinz, checking and planning.The whole design and layout was his creation

kids fingerprints a la Hollywood                                                                                  grape field below us

finally our "palace" finished. Call it a finca, call it a villa, for us it's our "palace" with 13 rooms

some insight views; in the meantime there is furniture, which makes the rooms even nicer

we didn't like the blue, so we painted everything again in "our" blue

great nature around us: plenty olive trees, flowers, old walls

mountains and valleys; the Sierra Nevada is very close

nature, nature, nature

plants, fruits, animals

cactus                                                       chamäleon                                                   snake

ruins, cortijos and small towns

walks, hikes and fun in the nature

the beach is close

all of the sudden they like seafood

inside towns

nearby shopping mall                                                                  Malaga

more pictures here...

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