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2017: 22 Years CCIE Bootcamps 32 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

CCIE 22474
CCIE 22474
"The Heinz Ulm Bootcamp is like a classical education in computer networking. He brings you back to the fundamental bits and bytes of IP networking. In doing so, you gain not just memorised information but an understanding of the concepts and procotols involved. As a result, the construction of switching, routing, redistribution and filtering configurations are far more intuitive.
The Bootcamp also helps you to develop vital exam techniques. The very nature of the course means that you build mental stamina and after three weeks of agressive preparation, you should be capable of hours of concentration. You are also required to develop the attention to detail required in the real lab and it becomes obvious very quickly that no assumptions can be made at all.
Finally, the Bootcamp experience itself was very rewarding and I met some great friends during the three weeks. The setting is very informal and while the atmosphere is relax, there is also a collective focus with everyone working together to solve problems and ultimately get that number.
CCIE 22474 (Ireland)"
CCIE 22474

Random CCIEs
          " Remote attendance" possible now for CCIE Bootcamps saving lots of expenses!!!
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A happy
'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 37813

Undocumented or widely unknown IOS and CAT commands

Bert Boerland from Netherlands maintains a raw list of IOS commands, most of them unknown.
Click here to link to his list !

Real output from some undocumented OSPF, EIGRP and other useful IOS commands.

I plan to add more and more of these samples and show them here.

Undocumented CatOS Command for WS-X6608-T1 (or E1)

Wanna know some undocumented CAT commands ?

Wanna know about the secret engineer mode in a Catalyst 5K ?

(I heard it works in a Cat6K also ! And it works with Engine III as well)

Some more undocumented IOS commands:

Some (or most) are IOS-version-dependent of course.
Please don't mail to ask me what they do.

If you do know more about this commands please let me know. Thanks.

set dummy

Selective Packet Drop (spd) is now documented on CCO:

show ip spd

Sample output:
Router# sh ip spd
Current mode: normal.
Queue min/max thresholds: 73/74, Headroom: 100
IP normal queue: 1, priority queue: 0.
SPD special drop mode: none

The following info updates (or adds to) some comments on Bert Boerlands's site:

The "test appletalk" command appeared already in some 11.2.x and 11.3.x

The filenames in cd system:/vfiles are NOT:


Here is a new one: this is closely held secret at CISCO:

There is a quiet recall on some catalyst gear that have the EARL 1 chip NFFC
and a data rate that exceeds 80MBS accross the backplane that causes the ECB
to reset often. Test to see if your catalyst is having this problem: (users
usually report slowness.)

cat5000#> sh banff-reset

will display the number of time it has reset since last power on, a number
of 1 for each ECB is normal

number in the hundreds ar thousands means you need to call CISCO for the
replacement boards.

For those which have tried the "no service password-recovery", a very dangerous
thing to do BTW, click here for some more info.

Undocumented CatOS Command for WS-X6608-T1 (or E1)
(thanks to Martin Gagnon, Canada)

tracy_start [MOD] [PORT]
tracy_close [MOD] [PORT] (to stop the output...)

In fact, you will get the same output as using DickTracy win32 tool



CCIE 34633
CCIE 34633
"I could summarize the Heinz Bootcamp in one sentence 'If You really think SERIOUSLY about CCIE, just do it!'. But to be more specific it's the best way to refine Your knowledge and gives You all of that little details needed to pass the CCIE exam. Heinz labs are really different from anything on the market, they're unique. Sometimes simply quest but with hidden traps and sometimes difficult one but with reasonable solution, the labs will help You find Your weakest points. That's the best value of the camp. Not to learn You everything from the basics, but to show You where You should improve and verify Your knowledge. This is the most difficult side of preparation to the exam.
And Heinz assures that You're receiving a naked truth about Your preparation status, sometimes it's rough but it's always to help You. And You're receiving tips from the man who knows what CCIE means and how to pass it.
If You think that You're well prepared, then good for You and try with Heinz :) You can be surprised how after the Camp You'll start to think in different way, the exam way. Then there is only one thing left to do :)           CCIE 34633 (Poland)"
CCIE 34633

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