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2017: 22 Years CCIE Bootcamps 32 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

A student: "I don't know how anyone can even think of doing the exam without beeing drilled like this"

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          " Remote attendance" possible now for CCIE Bootcamps saving lots of expenses!!!
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'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 37813

"The CCNP certification (Cisco Certified Network Professional) indicates advanced or 
journeyman knowledge of networks. 
With a CCNP, a network professional can install, configure, and operate LAN,WAN, 
and dial access services for organizations with networks from 100 to more than 500 nodes" 
(found on the web)

Comments from students Recommended books
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ccnppics1 CCNP instructor Eugenia Vlad in 1:1 with students

The CCNP Bootcamp is a 10-day intensive instructor-led class.

A task-oriented course teaching the skills and knowledge needed in
preparation  for the CCNP certification and also a great  class to sit
on the path to a later CCIE certification.

Be ready for long work days, heavy hands-on and study load.

(We have experienced in the past that lots of our CCIE students were missing important info
and tricks in their previous classes with other training providers. Our CCNP instructors
therefor will also emphasize on issues students would need to know and have hands-on
experience when planning for the later CCIE path so that they come better prepared into
our CCIE Bootcamps.)

The CCNP Camp will be conducted by one of this instructors,
usually Mrs. Eugenia Vlad.

Each student will get the Cisco Press CCNP ROUTING AND SWITCHING Foundation Learning Library
(2400 Pages !!! 11 pounds weight)

The class reflects the newest Cisco CCNP Blueprint.

Plus additional documents and reference sheets.

Access to the equipment in the evening and even on the weekend
(As long as you want.)

This gives you several advantages:
a) you can deepen your hands-on experience
b) you can experiment with different solutions ("many ways towards rome")
c) you can play with different topologies (we have enough exercises for this)
d) you can catch-up in case you are falling behind

All in english (even when german students)


a) CCNA certification or the equivalent knowledge
b) Knowledge of basic networking technologies and concepts
c) Be familiar with routing & switching technologies

Books, books, books                              Romania and Slovakia meet at the whiteboard

We will teach you the do's and dont's, technical tricks, hints, tuning
and troubleshooting stuff.

Don't forget that there is loads of hands-on.

The CCNP bootcamp is also a  great preparation for a later CCIE bootcamp attendance.

ou can get access to the equipment (in the evening and on the weekend)
as long as you want via VPN (don't forget to get some sleep though).

BTW: You don't need to bring any of the recommended books. They are all here.
And the best ones in multiple copies.

ccnppics2 Pics from CCNP Camps in USA, Germany, Spain:

CCIE 25215
CCIE 25215
"Hi Professor Heinz, Coming to your boot camp was the dawn of CCIE reality and a big wakeup call for me. Prior to my arrival at your boot camp, I actually deluded myself 'in thinking that I was close to being ready for the LAB' I was so wrong, and so far from the truth. With Professor Heinz, I discovered exactly 'how LIMITED I was in terms of knowledge and CCIE readiness' and exactly what the CCIE standard was and how distant from it I was at the time (i.e. in another galaxy). Thanks to Professor Heinz, I was able to make the transformation from mere 'contender status' to 'actual champion' i.e. passing the CCIE Lab. Warning & Advisory Notice, if you are NOT prepared to sacrifice 'your life' to pass the CCIE Lab, then my advice would be to just forget it, cause believe me, it DEFINITELY has the potential to be FATAL !!!! "          CCIE 25215 (UK) CCIE 25215

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