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2017: 22 Years CCIE Bootcamps 32 Years IT Trainings and Consulting !

Download and read the story of CCIE Ryan McKinney which we found on the internet:
He read a lot of Cisco Press books,
has attended a 4 week bootcamp in India and even stayed 4 weeks longer.
(a total of 8 weeks !!!)
He did the Internetwork Experts Labs with online rack time.
He used Internetwork Experts online labs a few times
He signed up for an IEWB Mock Lab
He signed up for the CCIE assessor Lab

Lots of preparation, classes and workbooks!

Lots of time and money spent !!

But he failed.

Then he came to Heinz Ulm and passed right after that.
Random CCIEs

A happy
'Heinz Ulm"-CCIE 37813

A huge house with many rooms, great surrounding and tremendous views to the mediterranean sea and the mountains.

On a clear day you can see the Atlas-mountains of North-Africa.

Large terrace, table tennis and a lookout tower offer ways to relax. 

Students can get free accommodation in the house (inkl. breakfast), saving lots of expenses  !!!!

We can accomodate 8 students now !

We  have 2 rooms with 1 double-bed each ( kingsize) ; after those 4 'sleep-places' are 'gone' additional students can use our 3rd room with massive custom-built adult bunk beds (4 in total; 2 x 1 meters each)
must  book their own accommodation (at their own expense) elsewhere. (We can recommend nearby places for around 30 Euros per night.)

All of our students were very happy with our accommodation and saved loads of expenses !!!

(Female students will have a separate room)

Free accommodation in our house and bed assignments are on a first come first serve basis; and they usually go really fast !!! We strongly recommend an early registration to take advantage of this huge savings.

The next/closest accommodation place is 7 minutes by car away.  Those students need a car because the way is very strenuous. It takes at least 30 minutes to walk.

Great Hospitality

Our students say that we treat them like a guest or family friend,  not just a student.  We believe it’s important to make our students feel as much at home as possible.   Our students spend up to 3 weeks with us and we want them to feel at home. A comfortable and hospitable environment is most conducive to learning.  So we encourage our students to make themselves at home and just focus on the tasks at hand.

Look what great foods we've got in Spain at lunch

Panorama view from the lookout-tower at the top of the house towards south-west.

Another panorama towards south-east from a close location.


An early morning panorama in spring. We are above the clouds.

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CCIE 23777
CCIE 23777
"WOW, I thought, I really passed it ! What a wonderful feeling after the endless hours of studying before the exam. I cannot explain how good this feels. But those of you who have done the exam will know what I mean. I think I would not have passed it on the 1st attempt without the weeks of full-time preparation right before the exam. Special thanks to Heinz Ulm (aka Drill-Heinz) and Heiko Groeger, instructors at the famous Heinz Ulm Bootcamp for the challenging mock labs, and all the good advice. MOCK H was EVIL !! CCIE 23777 on 1st attempt !!           CCIE 23777 (Germany)" CCIE 23777

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